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Exclusive Customized Therapy

In our Villa rehab program we set you up in your own private luxury villa with private swimming pool and all the amenities.

For those who appreciate ultimate privacy to conduct a successful rehabilitation this program is unparalleled.

We offer several high end locations in Morocco suitable for just yourself or with your family, friends or groups.

Backed by a cast of professionals we guarantee that your rehabilitation is successful and that when you leave us you will have the tools required for your recovery.

Daily Program

One on One Counseling

Physical Therapy

Spiritual Enlightenment (non-religious)

Nutritional Therapy

Educational Therapy


Action Plan

Your own luxury villa Marrakesh, Morocco!


Your own luxury villa Essaouira, Morocco!


Your own luxury villa Atlas Mountains, Morocco!

Location Morocco
Support Team

Life Coach
Personal Trainer
Massage Therapist
Program Director

Based on our 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom luxury villa with private swimming pool and garden. With housekeeping, gourmet chef, driver and 24 hour security

Average cost for a 28 day rehabilitation program,
Please Contact Us to get your Exclusive Customized Program started.

Program Details

  • Pick up and drop off at the Casablanca or Marrakesh airport
  • Daily therapy with a dedicated counselor
  • Weekly sessions with a dedicated Life Coach
  • Daily personal training
  • Daily massage therapy
  • Daily Meals prepared by your personal chef
  • Weekly sightseeing tours of the area attractions (Activities and Sights)

All included except costs related to optional activities and souvenirs or other personal expenses.

Return airfare from Casablanca or Marrakesh airports not included

All prices quoted in USD

We will organise all travel planning in regards to flights etc. as requested


Contact us, let us change your life