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Travel Rehabilitation Inc. is pleased to offer to our clients a turn key service. We will organize all travel itineraries, logistics and plans for our clients as requested. Contact us let's get a rehabilitation program started immediately.


Trekking Life Discovery Equipement List

We can take our clients shopping for all the gear necessary as required 

Clothing (Essential):

Summer shirt/s and shorts - for walking in the heat

Warm long-sleeved shirt – for when it gets cold

Warm long walking trousers (not jeans!)

Fleece jacket

Down jacket

Thermal underwear (top + bottom)

Good quality waterproof and windproof outer shell (Jacket + Pants)

Plastic poncho

Hat – a warm hat and a sun hat (that has both a peak and shades the back of your neck)

Wool Hat/Balaclava

Gloves - 2 pairs; one pair of thin liners and another of warmer, waterproof outer gloves are more practical than mittens.

Footwear (Essential)

Mountain boots - (good quality worn in)

Walking Shoes (another pair of lighter weight walking shoes / trainers)

Several pairs of warm, cushioned socks (so you always have a dry pair to change into)

Gaiters have a limited but useful role in preventing scree, snow and mud (at the start of the climb) from getting into your boots.

Equipment (Essential):

Good quality Sleeping bag (minimum rating of -10 Celsius or 14 Farenheit)

Soft Duffel Bag 80 - 90 litres – large enough to hold your personal gear (limit 20Kg) on the mountain; this will be carried by a porter.

Daypack 20 - 30 litres - that you will carry. Big enough for you to carry your daily water, lunch box, camera, wet weather clothing and fleece jacket.

External protective cover for Duffel and Daypack (and pack all contents in plastic bags for water-proofing)

Polarized snow glasses or goggles - to protect your eyes from sun glare and snow. At the very least good quality sunglasses (models with side-shields are preferable).

High factor sun block (minimum factor + 15)

Lip Balm + sunblock

Head Torch and a set of spare batteries (special batteries are not always available locally)

2nd / Back up torch and spare batteries

Water bottle(s) (strong) x3 to hold 3 liters - which you will carry with you, daily)

Quality water filter (although water gets boiled for you by our staff and served as tea or coffee)

Spare plastic bags (to keep things as dry as possible)

Wash kit plus a small towel

Basic First Aid kit (for personal use) including paracetamol & dehydration sachets