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Connecting the Mind, Body and Spirit

Travel Rehabilitation for success and change of life. We open and occupy minds to new cultures, sights and sounds. Our passion is guiding our clients to new and interesting locations around the world away from daily life and it's routines, allowing them to look back at life and habits from a different perspective. We will educate and prepare clients physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically and furthermore connect these pieces in creating a whole.

Backed by a cast of professionals, we assure that our clients are taken care of to the highest standards and we guarantee that we will introduce to them life changing experiences and the skills to apply the knowledge gained.

Our professional support staff are from the US, Canada and the UK and speak English, our mother tongue. While we offer programs Internationally we ensure natural means of communication with our clients creating comfortable means of connecting our clients with their new environments further enhancing the imparting and exchanging of information.


Nutritional Therapy

In our Nutritional Therapy Program we use all natural fresh ingredients in all our meals. We don't proport to have invented the wheel on this one. Mother Nature has provided us with all natural foods in abundance. We use local ingredients of the highest quality in our menu. From fresh farm eggs, beautiful fruits and vegetables, organic meats, fish and seafood to freshly pressed olive oil directly from the tree. Learning how to cut out the artificial and processed foods that our cultures have adopted through the past century is the real secret unveiled. 

Clients will learn to cook and prepare real nutritious meals and further gain knowledge about how, what and why we eat the things that have compromised our health whether it be physically or otherwise. Visiting local farms and producers is assured as we are constanly passing through farms and orchards on our expeditions.

We will prepare any specific type of menu based upon client personal needs.


Physical Therapy

Exercise in the great outdoors is unparalleled. Whether on a Trekking Life Discover Expedition or Kite Surfing and Surfing Program we train clients physically to be able to perform at the highest levels. Gradually with time and the proper balance we prepare clients to tackle all the challenges put in front of them. 


Spiritual Awareness

Clients learn to embrace new sights, thoughts and emotions through the catalyst of travel and discovering new places and cultures. Furthermore with the sense of accomplishment of completing our programs comes a knowledge and sense of spirituality that is imparted in one's self for life. Our enlightenment is not based on a particular faith or any type of organised religion and is all natural.