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An opportunity for all clients to view new and exciting birds and animals as Alfred Russel Wallace discovered new species on discovered continents.

We discover a side of nature that is otherwise not present due to location or surroundings. One of the benefits of our Adventure Therapy Programs is being able to offer clients new experiences in new locations. With new experiences and locations come different cultures, smells, sounds and of course the different Birds and Animals of the African Continent.

Just to name a few, Pergrine Falcons, Malachite Sunbirds, Atlas Raptors, Monkey, Gorillas, Chimpanzee, Lions, Elephant, Zebra, Giraffe, Hippos....etc. 

This sparks memories of an expdition on Lake Tana in Ethiopia where we were chased by two territiorial Hippo's in the water. Our group was in a small fishing boat crossing the lake on the way to an ancient monument when suddenly we see two large Hippos chasing the boat. Hippo's are very fast swimmers and are protective of their territory. The chase from our little fishing boat seemed to last minutes until they the Hippo's were content that we had exited their zone. An adrenenline experience never to be forgotten.

With the experience that we have acquired over the many years of leading Adventure Therapy Expeditions in Africa and more specifically when we are in areas where Hippo's are present, extra horsepower pushing the boat could not be more important. It's the little and most important things that we bring to the table that make differences. 


Stimulating physical and mental excercise with a balanced nutritious diet to the backdrop of ancient civilizations in far away lands seen from the top of the world. It doesn't get any better than this.

Clients that have come to see us with the desire to lose weight have easily dropped a minumum of 10kg's on our 28 day Trekking Life Discovery Program. Mental, physical and spiritual training is what we teach our clients during treatment programs. Once complete clients not only look great but have also gained the knowlege necessary to implement change in their lives and stick to it. 

Less 10kg at 4167m in altitude. World Class Adventure Therapy.



Travel coupled with a world class treatment program is our speciality, or some would say a world class treatment program that takes clients on trips of a lifetime to some of the most exclusive destinations on the planet.

Specializing in creating and executing the Action Plan is our raison d'etre. Changing clients lives whether for the treatment of addiction, weight loss, behavior or whatever clients require to get them in first place is our dedication and in turn the inspiration that drives us to do what we do. 

Real and very successful treatment strategies are what Travel Rehabilitation is all about.


TLD - Trekking Life Discovery is our signature rehabilitation program that takes clients to the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco as well as to Mount Kenya in Kenya and Mount Stanley in Uganda. Based on Adventure Therapy Theory, TLD is the perfect rehabilitation program for anyone requiring a change of life strategy and for anyone who wants to overcome addiction or behavioral issues. 

No experience required. We commence all our TLD programs in Morocco as the terrain and challenges of the High Atlas Mountain range offers accessibility to everyone of all ages and all abilities. We assess our clients and train them in mind body and soul. Certainly the physical training that we provide opens up many doors and possibilities that enable clients to push themselves to attain the challenges at hand and as required immediatlely as in life. By unlocking our inner potential and conquering challenges clients not only return to new lives in great shape but also gain a newly aquired perspective on life by releasing the demons of addiction and behavioral problems.

Working with clients closely on an individual basis allows us to concentrate solely on the needs, issues and goals pertaining to a rehabilitation and a recovery plan that is tailored specifically to our clients situation. With an Action Plan that is composed by us and our clients throughout rehabilitation, clients return with a new lease on life with all the tools required to attain their goals and needs.

Nothing is easy however everything is attainable. We teach clients the script and how to deliver it. Furthermore as directors we are always available for guidance and support. 

Take the first step and together we will conquer mountains.


Today’s world can be a challenge.  If you or a loved one is suffering from emotional, social or behavioral challenges or engaging in disruptive, risky behavior and you have exhausted all of your abilities in trying to help yourself or a loved one, now is the time to utilize the helping hands and expertise of dedicated and inspired professionals that specialize in working with individuals in need of a new life strategy.

Travel Rehabilitation is proud to offer our unique and revered Trekking Life Discovery Programs.

Adventure Therapy

Trekking Life Discovery is our unique Adventure Therapy Program combining physical and emotional challenges as well as rehabilitation and recovery with the exhilaration and accomplishment of trekking to the highest points on the African continent. Gained through our programs are physical and mental trainingdevelopment, team-building, communicationhealing, motivationplanningself-reflectionconfidenceleadership and commitment. An amazing once in a lifetime experience way to complete our rehabilitation program, for persons in rehab or recovery and as a team program for troubled teens as well as adults.

This program is never fully complete as you or a loved one will continue to apply the knowledge gained and the skills required to utilise the knowlege we provide in new lives forever changed with everything learned, strong in mind, body and soul.

We provide support and guidance to our clients for as long as they need it.

Backed by a cast of dedicated and inspired professionals, we assure that you or your loved one is taken care of to the highest standards and we guarantee that we will provide life changing experiences and the skills to apply the learning in everyday lives.

Our professional support staff speak English, from the US, Canada and the UK.

Real results lives forever changed.

Travel Rehabilitation